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Business & Profit Matters Spring Edition

The Spring 2022 edition of Business and Profit Matters covers insights on Business Electric Car Modelling, new worker and consumer expectations, as well as insights on DIN and much more.

The value and taxable benefits of electric cars for business use are discussed, as well as how your accountant can help you decide if this is a viable and affordable option for your business. Using an electric vehicle, instead of your current company car, could save you money if you do the calculations right.

The issue further dives into client information privacy after the rise of the Optus Data Breach. Multi-factor authentication and the latest security updates should be implemented across digital accounts to reduce the likelihood of cybercrime affecting your business and clients.

The Spring 2022 article ends off with Software integrations and ways to digitise your business in the ever-changing modern age. Adapting and adopting processes that promote growth, boost efficiency and increase productivity are the core outcomes of having software integrations incorporated into your business.

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