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Finance Broking

Our Philosophy

Whilst death and taxes may be the virtual certainties of life, it is the ancient art of making a profit from borrowed money that often presents the most uncertainty in your financial life.

Without debt, you risk growing too slowly and missing out on valuable opportunities along the way, but with too much debt you risk losing all you have strived for. It is indeed a delicate balance that is required to manage the risks and rewards of adopting a gearing strategy in your financial life.

Debt is a practical necessity if you wish to gain a fair return on your investments, but it is also an ancient art where you are pitted against the considerable intellectual might of the lending community who will always strive for the best deal for themselves.

Debt management is often seen as a secondary issue in business structures and often suffers from a mindset of set and forget. Loans are vigorously negotiated according to the market conditions on the day and then promptly forgotten about for the next 3 or 5 or 15 years, despite the market conditions being subject to constant change.

Our philosophy is that debt is a dynamic part of a good business strategy and must be constantly reviewed to ensure it is suitable to your needs and is well priced at all times.

We strive to provide substantial positive value to your financial life by ensuring you have well priced and taxation efficient debt structures that are able to be comfortably serviced and we expect you to be comfortable about employing our services and paying us a fair fee for fulfilling that role in your life.

Our Roles

Debt comes in many forms and from many sources. Our role is to consider the forms and sources of debt that best suit your financial needs and act as a negotiator and facilitator for you to build a sound relationship with a suitable financier. We can assist you to establish your debt based financial needs, to restructure your debt or to retire your debt according to where you are in your financial cycle of life.

Our Services

Abbotts Finance Brokers (Australian Credit Licence 467436), in affiliation with Abbott’s Chartered Accountants and Abbotts Wealth Management can provide a wide variety of financial management services including loan broking and negotiation services. We also offer debt management and fundraising services for businesses undergoing restructures, expansion’s and consolidations.

We provide a vast array of services that help you get the most out of your financial management which broadly fall into a number of categories.

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