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System Integration & Support

Here at Abbotts, we understand that not everyone uses the same business software. Some businesses find benefit using a particular program for its inventory management, others use an industry-specific software package , while some businesses just look for the most cost-effective method of managing the books.

The team at Abbotts is able to provide a variety of business system and integration support for most major accounting and general business software. We can also assist with general bookkeeping support, regardless of what software or business systems in place.

We partner with both MYOB and Xero, so are able to provide specific knowledge and guidance to businesses either currently using, or looking to use either software as a cloud-based accounting platform.

We do not limit our knowledge to these products, however, and can also assist you and your business use the services of Quickbooks, Reckon, Saasu, Sage, Netsuite or any other small or medium business accounting system.

SMBs who use the cloud apps grow revenue 30% faster *

*Xero Small Business Study UK – July 16

When software systems are not integrated, you generally have multiple overlapping databases, and can not easily get a view of your business performance in a timely fashion. These performance reports are crucial in giving you an integrated view of the operation of your business, which incorporate the key performance measurements of your trading activity.

If data is extracted from a fragmented business system, it is likely out-of-date by the time it is used, and due to the difficulty in linking together reports from separate systems, can contain errors or be presented alongside irrelevant information. The consequence to a business without an integrated business system is needing to make decisions slowly based on inaccurate information, or risk rushing into a decision based on gut instinct alone, with no justification to assist in the decision-making process. Having access to accurate, real-time data is important in making timely informed business decisions.

Beyond that, we can share personalised advice on the benefits of using other third-party software that integrates with the accounting products used in your business. These products will be able to provide efficiencies and other benefits to your business, its staff and your business’s process flow.

If you have any non-technology-related queries, we can help you answer those too. Please get in touch and we will see how best to assist your specific needs.

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