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Abbotts Finance Brokers primary focus is on loan structuring and brokering. We understand the banking market and we can ensure competitive rates and terms are presented by bankers keen to win business. We are located in Perth, Australia but service customers throughout Australia and internationally.

We provide a vast array of services that help you get the most out of your financial management which broadly fall into the following categories:

If you don’t get your foundations right the best loan terms won’t make up for the mistakes. Abbotts Finance Brokers specialise in getting your loan structures right. Right to meet your circumstances and business needs and right to take advantage of the best pricing opportunities available in the finance market at the time.

The residential loan market is intensely competitive, not that the banks will tell you that. Abbotts Finance Brokers knows the residential loan market very well and can guide you through the myriad of loan options and structures together, with over 30 financial institutions to select from for the best rates on the day.

Many of our clients structure their wealth creation plans around investment property portfolios and Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist in the careful structuring of the debt used to purchase these properties to achieve maximum tax efficiency and low borrowing costs.

For clients in business looking to take charge of their business premises or for clients looking for a higher yielding commercial property in their portfolio, Abbotts Finance Brokers can provide the financial solutions to ensure your commercial property portfolio achieves maximum tax efficiency and low borrowing costs.

Often seen as problematic loans to structure as banks have to take into account changing levels of equity and security, Abbotts Finance Brokers have extensive experience in structuring highly efficient construction loans for property developers and home builders.

Whether it’s your first home loan or your last, the banks are keen to compete for your business and Abbotts Finance Brokers has the experience and expertise to make them sharpen their pencils for you and deliver a highly competitive deal that suits your home loan plans.


A complex and highly regulated market exists for superannuation funds to access debt financing to increase their gearing exposure or to access more substantial investment assets. Abbotts Finance Brokers has the expertise and experience to manage your SMSF borrowing needs from start to finish. We can liaise with both banks and solicitors to ensure your structures comply with the relevant laws, the borrowing rates are competitive and the taxation outcomes are compliant.


Nothing stands still for long and the best deal that your banker did for you a few years ago will have faded in value along the way. If its a good deal for the bank they have no interest in telling you to renegotiate, but Abbotts Finance Brokers do care about your borrowing costs and we can find ways to constantly improve your structure and borrowing costs as the market ebbs and flows through economic cycles and product enhancements. Refinancing is a very valuable way of reducing your borrowing costs and improving your structural efficiency.


Whether it is for business or personal purposes there are flexible structures using lines of credit that may suit your circumstances. Abbotts Finance Brokers understand how banks structure their debt facilities and we can assist you to get the most flexible and efficient debt terms in the marketplace.


Getting finance while self-employed can present its own hurdles and challenges. Abbotts Finance Brokers knows how to present your case to achieve smooth finance approval if you are self-employed.


Whilst relatively new to the market place reverse mortgage loans can provide invaluable solutions to funding needs and cashflow, particularly in retirement. These loan structures do not suit many people but if they are suitable for your circumstances Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist with their competitive pricing.


Credit cards make a lot of money for banks, which is why they are often poor choices for personal financing. Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist you to consolidate and restructure your credit debt to substantially lower your borrowing costs and eventually bring your debt back under control.


One of the most common forms of non-property based loan funds is lease, chattel and Hire purchase debt for the acquisition of vehicles, trucks and heavy vehicles, equipment and consumer goods.  Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist with sourcing competitively priced and structured lease and equipment mortgage based loans that suit your personal and business needs.


Sometimes it just doesn’t quite line up perfectly and you will have to carry interim financing structures for a period of time while you restructure your assets and portfolios. Abbotts Finance Brokers understand the bridge finance market and can source efficient and competitive finance solutions for you.


Not all bank funding is based on bricks and mortar security. There are many banks and financial institutions that recognise cash flow is the primary support for debt management and that goodwill in a business is a real and valuable asset. Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist with securing loan funds based on your businesses cashflow , profitability and goodwill.


Many banks will extend their credit approval terms to higher limits if they have the security of a life or income insurance policy in place to protect their exposure. Abbotts Finance Brokers together with Abbotts Wealth Management can assist in securing these debt security products for you at far more competitive rates than the banks will initially offer.


Many businesses have substantial capital locked up in their trade debtors, which slows their cash turn and reduces their business efficiency. Abbotts Finance Brokers can assist you to access debtor finance to unlock your working capital and improve your cash flow and profitability.


Our Loans Specialist

Bez Esquivel

Bez Esquivel

Perth Finance Broker

Bez ‘s expertise lies in assisting investor clients to reach their next financial, business or personal milestone by utilizing and applying his many years of experience in finance.

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