Debt Management

Debt management is a delicate balance of utilising market-priced funds to maximise profits and remaining within your margins of safe business practices. Abbott’s Chartered Accountants understands this balance and how it varies between businesses, industries and personalities.

Abbott's Chartered Accountants has the experience and the expertise to provide professional guidance in the fine art of debt management, including:

Getting the capital and debt equity balance right is crucial to maximising a business’s profit performance. Abbott’s Chartered Accountants can provide comprehensive advice on the working capital imperatives for your business to run smoothly, safely and profitably.

Despite appearing as relatively small numbers on your bank statements each month your banks fees can quickly amount to tens of thousands of dollars, and don’t the banks just love it. Abbotts Finance Brokers and Abbott’s Chartered Accountants understand the banks structures for fees and charges and we can identify numerous ways that your fees can be negotiated down to far more acceptable values, often by substantial percentages.

Businesses and debts don’t always go to plan and when the wheels start falling off the cart, its best to have a clear plan to manage the fallout from a business’s failure.  If identified early and acted on professionally, most debt problems can be resolved and people and businesses can move on at a more conservative and secure pace.  The banks don’t like insolvent customers and the government authorities like them even less so its best to avoid going there in the first place and once there its best to be planning to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Debt management is a delicate balance and insolvency management is particularly delicate. Its hard on everyone and it doesn’t just go away. Abbott’s Chartered Accountants have extensive experience and expertise in managing clients solvency problems and we can help lead you out of the darkness that such issues bring with them. Whether it is debt restructuring, debt negotiating or more formal pathways of administration, liquidation or bankruptcy, Abbott’s Chartered Accountants can assist in the management of your insolvency issues.

Our Debt Management Specialist

Bez Esquivel

Bez Esquivel

Perth Finance Broker

Bez’s expertise lies in assisting investor clients to reach their next financial, business or personal milestone by utilizing and applying his many years of experience in finance.

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