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Being in the business service sector, Abbotts knows just like you how important an employee can be to both the productivity of a company, and its perception to others in the community. As our practice motto states – we aim to provide peace of mind to our clients as we help you find, develop and ultimately work alongside people who fit with your organisation’s culture and are motivated to see the company succeed.

Developing and maintaining a complex team of employees is a demanding job and there are times when you need assistance in dealing with skills and personalities that are not within your usual areas of expertise. Our team provides you with the expertise in Human Resource Management that are not practical or economical for you to personally develop yourself. This may be helping you deal with legislative requirements for taxation, superannuation, HR law or occupational health and safety (OHS) matters, or it may be a matter of finding accountants, bookkeepers or administrators that are best suited to your needs.

Abbotts provide a variety of specialised human resource management services either directly or through our trusted partner network, including:

Getting the right person on the right terms is based on good planning, with a sprinkling of good luck on top. We at Abbotts can ensure there are stringent plans in place for the hire of new staff, and put in place steps that will minimise the interruption on the business if by chance that good luck turns bad.

Abbotts provide professional advisory services to locate and integrate financial staff at all levels within your business structure, including; Senior Executives, Financial Controllers, Personal Assistants, Accounting and Bookkeeping staff, and Administrative staff.

We do however understand if financial pressures affect your ability for a new hire. If you want the advice and assistance of someone in your business at a higher management or Executive level, but without the associated costs, then have a look at our Virtual CFO or other advisory services.

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Getting people motivated for success and keeping them at the leading edge of their skills is integral to running a successful business. Abbotts understands this aspect of your business and we can provide specialised skills to develop your team through:

  • On/Off-site training
  • Professional mentoring
  • Assistance in allowing staff to undertake salary packaging
  • Setting up and advising the creation of an employee share scheme

Australian labour laws are amongst the most complex in the world. Once you add in issues around taxation and superannuation, it just might feel like too much. Abbotts can provide assistance to ensure your legal obligations are both met and understood, so you and your staff can concentrate on your business and its customers.

Some of the compliance service areas we offer include:

  • Employment contract reviews
  • Superannuation
  • PAYG and ATO tax compliance
  • Workers compensation reviews
  • Payroll tax management

Of particular interest to the ATO in recent times is the differentiation between contractors and employees. This difference is important as it can affect your tax and super obligations and may include penalties and charges if the law is applied incorrectly.

If you are struggling to understand the differences, or are worried that your business may be incorrectly using contractors that are actually employees, then the team at Abbotts will be able to assist.

We can help unravel the issues that specifically affect your business, complete an audit of employees to ensure compliance, and guide you in the right steps to take to get to or maintain compliance.

It is every Australians right and expectation that they will return from a fair day’s work with a fair day’s pay in their pocket and their good health in order. Just to be sure the boss understands this, the Government has one of the most prescriptive and complex systems of health and safety legislation in the world. Abbotts, along with our affiliated partners, can provide comprehensive assistance for your business to meet its OHS compliance obligations by providing services in areas such as:

  • Legal compliance
  • OHS audit services
  • Customised safety management systems
  • Risk assessments, risk management and hazard management
  • Assistance with tender submission and evaluation

Abbotts also have expertise in implementing human resource and payroll systems for our clients. These can either be software based add-ons to systems already in use, the implementation of processes within a business to increase audit and legislative compliance, or enabling staff and management to spend less time on payroll processes through the adoption of software and hardware solutions. Completing this process can prove a boon for productivity, as what once took hours every week may now be complete by the end of your first coffee. Potential errors in the processing of pays to staff can also be mitigated through the smart use of technology to aid in completing the task.

Relevant examples of human resource and payroll systems implemented by our clients include:

  • Online timesheet software, with mobile device applications
  • Biometric technology
  • Drag-and-drop rostering software, no more Excel worksheets

Our HR & Payroll Specialist


Chris Higham

Partner, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

Chris has been a part of the Abbotts Team since 1987 and has worked in the accounting profession since 1983. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 and was appointed as a Partner in Abbotts Chartered Accountants that year.

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