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Tax Audit

The team at Abbotts focus on achieving sound tax outcomes for our clients. At the forefront of this focus is ensuring that neither our clients nor our practice are seen as viable targets of the ATO for tax audit investigation. We structure our client’s affairs so as to comply with the law and to not raise unnecessary audit flags. Not being audited is far more important than merely surviving an audit. The scars of an audit linger whether you win the argument or lose it.

In recent years, the Australian Taxation Office has increased its audit activity and audits are inevitable and part of our daily life. Audits undertaken on our clients generally don’t go beyond an initial enquiry, as we are always highly prepared to resolve the inquiry promptly and efficiently, often without our clients even knowing it happened. That’s the Peace of mind part of our philosophy.

We provide comprehensive advice and assist you in identifying compliance issues your business is having difficulty with, and can liaise with the ATO on your behalf regarding any objections and appeals. If required we can provide representation on your behalf during the audit procedures.

Our Tax Audit Specialists

David Drake

David Drake

Partner, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

David is our Tax Specialist and has worked in the tax and accounting field since 1982. David spent several years early in his career working in the ATO. He joined the Abbotts team in 1997 and became a Partner of the Practice in July 2000.

Eric Ballard

Eric Ballard

Director, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

Eric has in excess of 15 years of experience providing tax and business services having worked in both mid-tier and boutique advisory firms.

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