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Abbotts Chartered Accountants’ client base has a long history of construction and civil engineering-oriented businesses.

Like our farming and other business clients, these businesses are run by down-to-earth and hard-working families and it is our responsibility to ensure their efforts are not unduly eroded by government costs and taxes.

Abbotts understands infrastructure construction and its associated challenges of financing, project management and budgeting. We bring considerable experience, skills, industry connections and knowledge to the table with our construction and engineering clients.

Our Construction Specialist

Bradley Abbott

Bradley Abbott

Partner, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

Bradley is the founding Director of Abbotts Chartered Accountants and has been a Chartered Accountant since 1978 and a partner in accounting practices since 1981.

Eric Ballard

Eric Ballard

Director, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

Eric has in excess of 15 years of experience providing tax and business services having worked in both mid-tier and boutique advisory firms.

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