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Run a Business

Running a business can be complex, exciting, stressful and risky adventure but when it is done right it can be hugely rewarding both personally and financially. It is never something that can be managed in isolation and you will require a loyal and well managed support team around you. This includes your business and taxation advisors.

One of the core values that our clients seek in their relationship with us is that we provide peace of mind. Running a business can mean a lifetime of risk and there are many matters that need to be carefully managed in order to keep your business on track and in profit. Feel free to give us a call we can provide comprehensive advice to help you in running your business.

We offer a vast array of services to assist you in managing your business, including:


Chris Higham

Partner, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

Chris has been a part of the Abbotts Team since 1987 and has worked in the accounting profession since 1983. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1991 and was appointed as a Partner in Abbotts Chartered Accountants that year.

David Drake

David Drake

Partner, Abbotts Chartered Accountants

David is our Tax Specialist and has worked in the tax and accounting field since 1982. David spent several years early in his career working in the ATO. He joined the Abbotts team in 1997 and became a Partner of the Practice in July 2000.

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