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Abbotts Wealth Management is owned by staff and management and as such, we are not beholden to any parent company or financial institution. Our advisors are very well qualified and have decades of experience in advising and guiding clients. During this time, we’ve helped many people significantly improve their financial independence and security.

We are in business to serve our clients first and foremost and any strategy or product recommended is chosen as it is in our client’s best interest, not because it pays any commission or incentives. Our team provides you with the expertise in the areas of wealth management that it is not practical or economical for you to personally develop yourself.

Our role is to be a specialist advisor to help you take advantage of the opportunities that you create during your financial life cycle and avoid the pitfalls that accompany those opportunities and life in general.


As your expert partner, we guide you to achieve the lifestyle you want.


This is a complex and difficult job and requires specialist expertise and the formation of a long, close and trusting relationship.

We are very transparent and open and we work collectively with our clients to develop strategies and recommendations to help them achieve their lifestyle and financial objectives at a reasonable and fair cost.


We provide a vast array of services that help you generate, protect and preserve your wealth which broadly fall into the following categories:

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