The Research and Development (‘R&D’) tax incentive provides a tax benefit to companies to help offset some of the cost of conducting eligible research and development activities.

The R&D tax incentive aims to boost competitiveness and improve productivity across the Australian economy by encouraging industry to conduct R&D that may not otherwise have been conducted, improving the incentive for smaller firms to undertake R&D and providing business with more predictable, less complex support.

Having experience in helping our clients use the program, Abbotts can explain and assist you to access the R&D tax incentive programs that your business may be eligible to receive from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science or through the ATO.

There are specific eligibility requirements that an entity needs to satisfy to receive a benefit from the program. In broad terms, entities can apply for the incentive if they are undertaking at least one core R&D activity, and as a direct result of that activity incurs a minimum expenditure of $20,000.

Abbotts can also assist by providing advice on registering your eligible entity to the program.

The video below from the Business.gov.au website provides explanation of what defines scientific research. What is scientific research? (Video – Business.gov.au) https://youtu.be/RYLsKM3lkrA

Ensuring you comply with the record keeping requirements is a key step of maintaining your R&D tax incentive eligibility.

Abbotts can assist you with keeping the correct documentation to satisfy your registration, including advising on what documentation is applicable to the R&D activity you undertake.

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