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For many years we have had a sticker placed atop our boardroom whiteboard that proudly states that ‘Taxation is Theft’. Our clients love it, and we all know it is tongue-in-cheek. We put a sheet of paper over it when we have the ATO in the office as we are not so sure about their sense of humour.

The reality though is that taxation is more of a legal obligation than a moral one. You are legally obliged to pay the correct amount of tax and not a cent more than that. If you feel morally inclined to pay more than you are legally obliged to pay, then there are a vast number of ways you can direct your generosity to the specific causes that you wish to support. Our philosophy to taxation is that you should always pay the correct amount of tax and in doing so you meet not only your legal obligations but also your moral and ethical obligations to the community.

Taxation laws are as complex and detailed as any law in our land, and you are entitled to seek out a thorough understanding of those laws to ensure your affairs are managed in a way that attracts no more tax than you are legally obliged to pay. The devil, as they say, is in the detail and we are very good at understanding the details of taxation law.

We strive to provide substantial positive value to your financial life by explaining the tax laws to you in the simplest terms, so you have a good understanding of your taxation affairs. We can also prepare tax estimates, and assist you with the implementation of tax planning strategies to minimise your tax liability.

We provide the following taxation services to our clients, including:

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