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Super fund choice rules to change from November 1

The ATO has announced changes to the super fund choice rules relating to default super funds, taking effect from 1 November 2021.

From November 1, you will have an extra step to take if you have a new employee starting, and they do not choose a super fund. You may need to request their stapled super fund details from the ATO.

What you need to know

You may need to request stapled super fund details when:

  • your new employee is starting on or after 1 November 2021
  • you need to make super guarantee payments for that employee
  • your employee is eligible to choose a super fund, but does not do so

What you need to do from November 1

Offer your eligible employees a choice of super fund

You will need to give your eligible new employees a Super standard choice form and pay super into the account they tell you.

There is no change to super obligations at this step.

Request stapled super fund details

If your employee does not choose a super fund, you may need to request their super fund details.

The ATO will then provide these details once they have confirmed employment.

If you are provided stapled super fund details, you must pay your e mployee’s super using these details.

Pay super into a default fund

You can pay into a default fund, or another fund that meets the obligations if:

  • your employee doesn’t choose a super fund, and
  • they do not have a stapled super fund, as advised by the ATO

If you need assistance with requesting your employees stapled super fund, Abbotts have the tools to do this for you. Book in a time with our specialists to guide you through the process.

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